Tri-State Fire Protection District History

 Tri-State Fire Protection District began in 1941 as a small group of volunteers working to help others. The first firefighters to serve this district volunteered their time and energy, and helped to support the operations of the department by holding several fund raising events each year. The firefighters realized fund raising was not the answer and on September 27, 1946, through a voter’s referendum, the Tri-State Fire Protection District was established and levied a fire tax for the first time. Station one was built in 1958 and reconstructed in 1997. The first fire statPatch-01ion was located in the residential community known as the Tri-State Village. Our fire station #1 is located within two blocks of where the original station once stood. Over the years, the District was supported by volunteers, and then made the transition to a staff of paid-on-call firefighters. Members would receive a small amount of pay for each call that they responded to. It was not unusual for some calls to last for hours. In 1971 the District, hired their first full time firefighters. These individuals worked Monday through Friday, during the day time hours, when paid-on-call firefighters were typically committed to their full time jobs, and not readily available for emergencies. In 1975, our second fire station, also known as our Headquarters Station, was built at 419 Plainfield Road in the City of Darien. Tri-State Fire Protection District has provided, since inception, both fire suppression services and basic first aid and Basic Life Support (B.L.S.). The ambulance was staffed with firefighters trained to perform basic treatment and transport to an area hospital. In June of 1982 a referendum was passed which allowed the District to hire full time paramedics, providing Advanced Life Support (A.L.S.) Services. Two paramedics were placed on duty, round the clock, since that time; our services have grown to the extent that we now staff two A.L.S. Ambulances and two A.L.S. Fire Engines with the minimum of 8 Paramedics on duty each day. In 1990, the District’s third fire station was built in Burr-Ridge on Madison St. This fire station was built with state of art equipment to maintain our vehicles and equipment. In addition, the lower level of the fire station is equipped with offices and a Training Classroom (for personnel to keep up on the latest innovations). The station is located at 8800 South Madison Street, Burr Ridge. In November 1995, the residents of Clarendon Height Fire Protection District held a referendum, to determine if their district should be annexed into the Tri-State Fire Protection District. The referendum passed and the results were certified within a week, now known as the Tri-State Station 4.

On September 23, 2013 the Village of Willow Springs entered into an Intergovernmental Agreement with the Tri-State Fire Protection District to provide fire and EMS service to the Village for a period of three years effective October 1, 2013 with the understanding that both entities would explore the feasibility of the Village annexing into the Fire District at a later date.  On October 1, 2013 the Willow Springs Fire Department was disbanded and Tri-State Fire Protection District began servicing the Village. The crews and Paramedic engine from Tri-State Station 4 at 6301 Western were relocated to the Willow Springs fire station at 8259 Willow Springs Road. The Willow Springs fire station became Tri-State Station 4. As a result the station at 6301 Western was closed and became an administrative office for the Fire Prevention Bureau. In January 2015, the Fire Prevention Bureau moved to the Willow Springs fire station and the station at 6301 Western was closed and then sold on February 23, 2015 to a private party.

 On March 15, 2016 residents of the Village of Willow Springs passed a referendum that was on the Primary Election ballot to join the Tri-State Fire protection District. On April 11, 2016 the Board of Trustees of the Tri-State Fire Protection District passed a Resolution accepting the Village of Willow Springs into the Fire District and a court order was signed in DuPage County Court on April 12, 2016 making the annexation official. The annexation of new territory has secured additional revenue for the District that will assist with overcoming potential fiscal shortfalls, maintains the same number of personnel, allocates resources more effectively and provides the District with access to additional equipment and resources to better serve all our communities.