Feb 082017

The Tri-State Fire District was called at 3:54 PM on February 7, 2017 for a reported fire at Midtronics Inc. 7000 Monroe Street, Willowbrook. Midtronics is an electronics parts supplier focusing primarily on battery management for transportation and stationary power. Companies arrived to find smoke coming from the northwest corner of a large industrial building. Arriving crews were advised by building occupants that lithium ion batteries were burning in the lab area. Tri-State crews made entry and extinguished the fire with one hose line. Fire sprinklers were activated in the fire room and held the fire in check. The interior suffered moderate smoke damage. There were no injuries. The cause of the fire is due to an equipment malfunction.

Tri-State crews were assisted by Westmont FD, Hinsdale FD, Downers Grove FD, Oak Brook Terrace FPD,Romeoville FD, Riverside FD and Northwest Homer FPD.

Oct 292016
Willow Springs and the entire Chicagoland area lost an iconic landmark Friday, as the massive Willowbrook Ballroom at 8900 Archer Avenue, burned down.
At approximately 2 p.m. a roof fire was reported at the Willowbrook Ballroom.  Upon arrival initial fire companies found the structure to be vacated with smoke showing from the roof of the structure.  Fire companies verified that the building was completely evacuated and initial fire operations were begun, said Tri-State Fire Protection District Fire Chief Daniel P. Niemeyer.
Within a few minutes fire broke through the roof of the structure above the main ballroom.  The building’s outdated bowstring truss construction prevented any interior operations.  Bowstring truss construction is no longer an accepted method of construction.
Fire extinguishing efforts required a constant water supply to douse the fire in multiple directions. Firefighters used three separate water sources due to the size of the structure and the danger to a neighboring residence and restaurant.
Greco’s Restaurant would have been lost but for the exceptional efforts of firefighters who kept the fire from spreading by directing water at all four corners of the Willowbrook and on Greco’s itself, Fire Chief Niemeyer said.
The 30,000-square foot structure required a response of 20 fire apparatus, 12 water tankers and seven chiefs who coordinated water supply and safety operations for more than six hours.  Fuel trucks were called in to refuel the fire apparatus.  Assistance came from departments from as far Troy, IL.

The loss of this historical building is a loss to the community.  A thorough investigation of the cause of this fire has begun and will be ongoing. The original ballroom was built in 1921, 95 years ago.  It was destroyed by fire in 1930 and rebuilt.  The building that burned today was built to replace it.

Mar 032014

9476 Falling Water, Burr RidgeThe Tri-State Fire District was called at 1232 hours on March 3rd for a Structure Fire.  Companies arrived to 9476 Falling Water Drive to find a single family structure with Heavy Smoke & Fire through the roof.   Fire Crews made an interior attack and conducted a primary search confirming that there was no life threat.  The Fire Tactics were then moved to a defensive mode due to roof & structural collapse.  1 injury reported, a Firefighter with a sprain injury.  The fire is currently under investigation but deemed non suspicious and a $1.7 million dollar loss.  No more information is available at this time.