Board of Trustees

The Tri-State Fire Protection District is governed by a board of trustees. The board is made up of three trustees who are elected by the voters who reside within the District boundaries.  Each trustee serves a staggered six year term. While the fire chief is tasked with managing the day-to-day operations, the board of trustees is ultimately responsible for the entirety of district business.

Joseph Wolski, President
Danielle Scarpelli, Secretary
Michael Mensinger, Trustee

Trustees Meetings

Board of Trustees regular meetings will be held at 6:00 p.m. the fourth Wednesday of each month (unless indicated by * below) at Station #123, 10 S. 110 Madison Street, Burr Ridge, Illinois.

24 January 2024 (Agenda) (Minutes)

28 February 2024 (Agenda) (Minutes)

*19 March 2024 (Agenda) (Minutes)

27 March 2024 (Meeting Rescheduled)

22 April 2024 (Agenda)

24 April 2024 (Agenda)

22 May 2024 (Meeting Rescheduled)

*29 May 2024 (Agenda)

26 June 2024

24 July 2024

28 August 2024

25 September 2024

23 October 2024

21 November 2024

*26 November 2024

*18 December 2024

Decennial Committee on Local Government Efficiency

The Tri-State Fire Protection District Decennial Committee on Local Government Efficiency exists to comply with the State of Illinois statute 50 ILCS 70 Decennial Committees on Local Government Efficiency Act.  The Decennial Committee is formed once every ten years and its members consist of the Trustees plus at least two residents of the District.

21 November 2023 (Agenda)
19 March 2024 (Agenda)