Oct 262016

acdc-buildingOn October 6, 2016 the Tri-State Fire District transferred operations of its dispatch center to the Addison Consolidated Dispatch Center (ACDC). The Tri-State Fire dispatch center consolidation was in accordance with State and County mandates.

In 2013 DuPage County passed a consolidation bill (Public Act 98-0126) providing a new mechanism for full-scale consolidation by county ordinance. The goal was to decrease the overall number of governmental units when found to be in the best interest of taxpayers. One of the areas of focus was consolidation of the County’s 9-1-1 dispatch centers. At one point there were 20 such centers in operation and within the next year that number will have been reduced to 3 dispatch centers – ACDC, DU-COMM and DuPage Sheriff.

ACDC fire dispatch will utilize the Tri-State dispatch center for approximately the next 12-18 months while the new ACDC facility is under construction in the Village of Addison.